Registrations can be made online through our payment platform:

Registrations will be open until Sunday, July 19 or until all available places for each distance are sold out.

The registration fee includes all runner services, supplies, partial road closures, entrance fee to Huascaran National Park, a finisher’s medal and a participation kit consisting of a polo shirt, number and time chip.

Pre-sale discount #2 ends on May 31, 2023.

Yes, as in all editions, we have 50% discounts for all residents of Ancash, you have to send us a photo of your ID card to the following e-mail address
requesting the discount and attaching a photo of your ID card indicating your place of residence.

Some have a discount and others get a 50% discount on the current price depending on their Itra index:

Free registration:

  • Points 650: Womenres
  • Points 780: Men,

50% discount on registration:

  • Points 620 – 649: Womenres
  • Points 750 – 779: Men

Yes, the discount is 15% on the current final price, to request it the group manager must send us an email to
to indicate the steps to follow.

Yes, in the case of changing to a shorter distance a handling fee of 30.00 soles or $10.00 USD will be charged. In case you change to a longer distance you will have to pay the difference between what you paid and the current final price of the new distance. To request this type of change you should contact

Yes, the vertical kilometer will be held on Thursday, June 29th and the 12K, 25K and 50K distances on July 2nd.

If you can postpone your registration for next year, the cost will be 50.00 soles or $15.00 USD. The procedure must be done via mail

Yes, to change the ownership of your registration you must pay to the company’s account, 50.00 soles or 15$ USD. The procedure must be done by mail:

Yes, another person can pick up one or more participation kits. To do so, they must have their ID photos and proof of registration.

Yes, as long as you know how to use them, it is advisable for 25K and 50K runners in the via ferrata and ropes part to fold them and store them.

Yes, for all finishers of the event within the time limit.

Yes, in order to be awarded within categories there must be a minimum of 5 people registered in the category.

Yes, we will have a runner’s fair on June 30 and July 1 at the El Bosque Convention Center:

Only 5 meters before the refreshment post and in the same without obstructing the participation of other runners.

Yes, only in the VK distance there is an estimated finish line cutoff of 2:30H and in the case of the 50K at PAS HOF approximately KM 18 at 4:00 H of the start of the race. 50K runners who do not pass the cut-off will be allowed to hook into the 25K distance and finish the race, cut-off runners will be allowed to finish the race but will not be listed in the results list.

The departure of the VK will take place in Ichic Wilcahuain:
can be reached by private vehicle, cab service or public transportation. With the first two it takes about 20 minutes.

The start of the 12K, 25K and 50K will be at the El Bosque Convention Center:
the transfer time from the main square is approximately 15 minutes by cab or private vehicle. It can also be reached by public transportation. It is recommended that all participants coordinate their transportation and go in groups so as not to congest the access roads to the event. In the case of coming with your own car, please respect the parking areas.