The following will be recognized as major sporting misconduct and may result in a warning to participants:

  • Not respecting the people of the organization and athletes.
  • Failure to obey an order from the race management.
  • Failure to provide assistance to a person in difficulty.
  • Fouling or otherwise affecting the environment.
  • Failure to warn in case of abandonment.

Riders who incur in such offenses may be subject to a single warning. In case of recidivism in the same or another of such behaviors, will be subject to disqualification by the organization.

In addition, the following behaviors will be directly sanctioned with the disqualification of the runner:

  • To be accompanied by persons, automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles or other vehicles.
  • Wearing the number incorrectly or altering your vision.
  • Employing or resorting to shortcuts outside the established route.
  • Not passing through a point of assistance.
  • Leaving a checkpoint after the cut-off time.
    Incurring in attitudes, verbal or otherwise, of aggravation or insult to the personnel of the organization.
  • Failure to comply with having the MANDATORY material.

Assistance between competitors is allowed without any penalty as in the PA(ASSISTANCE POINTS).