Terms and Conditions


UTBC 2023

Liability Waiver and Authorization Statement (Updated 2023 edition).

By registering, I understand and accept the terms and conditions of participation in the Ultra Trail Cordillera Blanca 2023 described here. I accept the conditions of registration and participation, especially to wear the competition number the day I decide to do the route in which I am registered. I declare that I acknowledge that this event is a potentially dangerous activity and I agree to abide by its rules of participation.

I declare that I have freely and voluntarily decided to participate in the event, that I am in perfect physical condition and health, as well as adequately trained and prepared to participate in it. I will accept any decision of the race organizers regarding my participation and understand that registration for the race gives me the right to participate in the competition on the dates indicated in this guide.

In case I cannot participate in the race or pick up the competition kit on the dates established by the organization, I will not be able to claim the competition kit, nor will I be able to demand the reimbursement of the registration fee. It is also clear to me that the organization is committed to partially refund the registration fee in case of cancellation or postponement of the event if decisions are made before the dates detailed above:

  • 70% of the registration fee until 02/28/23
  • 50% of the registration fee until 04/30/23
  • 30% of the registration fee until 05/31/23

The registration fee to be refunded does not include fees and commissions.
The refund will be made within a maximum of 30 calendar days, once you establish contact with the organization via email.

In case I want to keep my registration for the next edition, I will have to communicate it to the organization’s e-mail address. If I choose to postpone my registration to the next or future editions, there will be no additional charge.

I assume all risks associated with my participation in this race including, but not limited to, injuries, falls, accidents, physical damage, psychological damage, moral damage, diseases transmitted by contact with other participants, general diseases, heart disease, among other reasons. Likewise, I assume the risks implied by external conditions such as weather, temperature, rain and humidity, vehicular traffic, route conditions and in general all risks, which I declare to be known and valued by me. I also declare that I know the route and the general and particular information of the race.

Having read this declaration and knowing these facts and considering that I accept them by the fact of participating in the race, I, on behalf of myself and any person acting on my behalf, successors, legatees or heirs release and exempt from any liability, claim, indemnification, cost for damages, claimed damages or lost profits to the organizers of the race, Ultra Trail Cordillera Blanca, Promotora Save, local and municipal governments, Regional and National Government, Huascarán National Park, active brand work teams, allies, sponsors and their representatives and successors from any claim or liability of any kind, arising from my participation in this event, Regional and National Government, Huascaran National Park, active brand work teams, allies, sponsors and their representatives and successors of any claim or liability of any kind, arising from my participation in this event, even in circumstances of fortuitous event or force majeure, although this liability may arise from negligence or fault on the part of the persons named in this statement, as well as any loss, theft and / or robbery that may suffer.

I understand that the organizers reserve the right of admission, modification or cancellation of the event for any circumstance and in no case will the registration fee be refunded.

Authorized the organizers of the Ultra Trail Cordillera Blanca 2023 and sponsors to use photographs, films, videos, recordings and any other means of recording this event for any legitimate use without any financial compensation. Additionally, I freely and voluntarily authorize the processing of any personal data that I provide in the development of the event by any means, as well as its incorporation in the databases of the organizers, whose purpose is to send information regarding the race, sending promotions and advertising of the organizers through e-mails to the registered e-mail accounts and telephone contact to the telephone numbers provided. Likewise, I authorize the organizers to send or transfer my data to any of the companies that control or act as controllers of them or that are under common control with any of them, in addition to their commercial and strategic allies, inside and outside the national territory, to carry out the uses herein authorized.

Faults and Penalties

The following will be recognized as major sporting misconduct and may result in a warning to participants:

  • Not respecting the people of the organization and athletes.
  • Failure to obey an order from the race management.
  • Failure to provide assistance to a person in difficulty.
  • Fouling or otherwise affecting the environment.
  • Failure to warn in case of abandonment.

Riders who incur in such offenses may be subject to a single warning. In case of recidivism in the same or another of such behaviors, will be subject to disqualification by the organization.

In addition, the following behaviors will be directly sanctioned with the disqualification of the runner:

  • To be accompanied by persons, automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles or other vehicles.
  • Wearing the number incorrectly or altering your vision.
  • Employing or resorting to shortcuts outside the established route.
  • Not passing through a point of assistance.
  • Leaving a checkpoint after the cut-off time.
    Incurring in attitudes, verbal or otherwise, of aggravation or insult to the personnel of the organization.
  • Failure to comply with having the MANDATORY material.

Assistance between competitors is allowed without any penalty as in the PA (ASSISTANCE POINTS).