The 5 Axes

The 5 axes that relate to UTCB help us to maintain a direction the following axes:


Encourage the practice of skyrunning in the local population through workshops in rural schools, registration facilities for local runners, among others.

  • 50% discount for Ancash residents (from presale 2)
  • More than 15,000 soles in cash prizes
  • More than 15,000 soles in prizes in products/services of the sponsoring brands.
  • 100% financing for local elite athletes and partial financing for international elite athletes.


Local gastronomy is an indirect way of linking participants with the local population. Within this axis we join initiatives and projects related to gastronomy in order to publicize and promote their products at the event.


Promotion of some pre-Inca traditions such as the Chiwasapra dance, which represents a dance of great cultural value and tradition for the local population.


We implemented the training camps project seeking to improve the physical and mental health of the children of the school in the Canshan hamlet in the Cordillera Negra, contributing to their formation of values and generating a sense of belonging in their natural environment. This project seeks to carry out 4 training camps and 2 mini-races with the children of Canshan.


We are aware that climate changes are altering the regulatory patterns of the earth and its ecosystems. Our solid water reserves (glaciers) and our mountain ecosystems are in danger.
It is imperative that we all gain knowledge and take action towards the sustainability of our ecosystems.